How to Take a Self-Guided Bike Tour of Santa Barbara

There’s always something to see or do in Santa Barbara. So hop on one of our free bicycle rentals, and take a self-guided bike tour of the city!

Hey, we’re inclusive of all lifestyles and interests here. Maybe sun-tanning or shopping aren’t quite your speed. Maybe you like to move a little faster, or you just want some exercise. So we’re more than happy to provide you with a bike (among many other amenities!) during your stay at Marina Beach Motel.

Time for some DIY tourism.

Vacation doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, we think it’s even more fun to plan a trip on a budget in Santa Barbara — you get to make mistakes and stumble across the best hole-in-the-wall, the best beach. For the everyday tourist, we’re going to keep this plan simple. We’re talking single-speed bikes and flat roads. If you’re hardcore into cycling, maybe you’ve brought your own mountain bike. There’s a self-guided tour for that, too. (P.S. Bike Santa Barbara’s website has even more tour guides!)

Santa Barbara is totally bike-friendly.

From Cabrillo to the hills, you’ll find plenty of bike lanes and courteous drivers. The best route for beginners would definitely be ocean-side Cabrillo Boulevard — from East to West Beach, with ample opportunity to stop and sight-see, shop, eat, play, or rest. (And swim, of course.)

Keep your bike tour casual!

Let the winds guide you. Be free and spontaneous. Didn’t know there was a wine festival going on downtown? Did a local bar’s sign catch your eye? Planning an itinerary can be fun, absolutely. But whether you’re here for date night or visiting Santa Barbara with your family, it’s so much less stressful to keep plans loose. No worries if you don’t make it to that third museum, hit the gym before six a.m., or make your dinner reservation in time. You’re on vacation, friend.

Have you scheduled your trip to Santa Barbara yet? Where are you spending the holidays? Maybe it’s time to break from tradition, ditch the elaborate plans, and let others do the cooking and clean-up. We’ll be here!