Santa Barbara Bulletin: Upcoming Events & the Latest News

Summer’s end doesn’t mean the fun‘s over. This is Santa Barbara, after all. From the symphony to some exciting fall festivals, we’re ready for the good news of October!

We’re really looking forward to the Santa Barbara Harbor & Seafood Festival.

There’s no shortage of great food and eating events on the West Coast. That’s for sure. But did you know that we’re home to one of the best (and most sustainable!) seafood festivals?

Arriving October 14 this year, this is one you can’t miss. Yes, the fresh oysters and sea urchin — prepared right in front of you — are worth it. Get to know local fishermen, take a boat tour, and visit any of the dozens of food (and non-food) vendors out on Stearns Wharf.

Have you bought your tickets to the Santa Barbara Symphony?

They go on sale this Friday, September 15. The symphony’s season begins October 14. This is more than beautiful live music! Expect a full orchestra, ballet extravaganza, and whole lot of Mozart this year. The program looks incredible. If you’re any kind of fan of classical music, here’s another event you can’t afford to miss.

We’re (a little reluctantly, maybe) getting ready for the fall weather.

Not to be a downer, but have you checked in with Mother Nature lately? While we’re still getting some glorious sunny days, Santa Barbara’s definitely been treating us to the odd night-time spectacular. Just take a look at some of the storms we’ve had.

We hope to see you in town this fall. Take the weekend, because you deserve it.