Fall Is Here! We’ve Got Your Festival Itinerary.

Our Santa Barbara fall transition is underway! We’ve got some ideas on how to get outside instead of just holing up on the couch until May. You won’t even need a bathing suit.

Celebration of Harvest – Friday, September 29-Monday, October 2.

We do not lack for wine parties in Santa Barbara, and especially not when you consider California on the whole. But here’s another one — four days, in fact — just in case you’ve missed out lately. This event celebrates the season of the great harvest, when farmers finally pick their grapes after many months of work. The fun part of this festival is that it’s not all in one place, by the way, but all over town. Check out the schedule and plan your tasting– and event-hopping now.

First Annual California Brew Festival – Saturday, October 7.

As craft brews grow in popularity, these things are just bound to happen. We’re surprised it didn’t happen sooner, honestly. But suffice to say that California has long been on the good old wine train. (Though we’re not going to argue with that.) We’re lucky enough to get to host this “First Annual” California Brew Festival, however, right in Chase Palm Park. Dozens of California breweries, cider mills, wineries, distilleries, food trucks, and restaurants will descend upon our fine city for this event. Unless you’re chill about keeping your plans loose for the day, you’d better get there early — the event only runs from 2-5 p.m. Unless you’re a VIP, when you can get in at 1.

Santa Barbara fall is a special time of year. We’re zipping up our hoodies at night, and sipping reds instead of whites. We’re choosing stout over pale ale. We’re choosing chowder instead of oysters. Even if it’s not really that cold, we’d love to know: Where are you going to celebrate the season? What are your favorite things about the summer-to-fall transition?