What Makes Us the Best Beach Motel

Throughout the years we’ve had plenty of people visit and a good amount of them return. At Marina Beach Motel, we feel like the returners know exactly why we’re the best beach motel. However, we figured for those people who haven’t had a chance to experience our motel, we’d give them some motivation.

Here are some reasons we’re the best beach motel


You might have seen this on our website or from friends and family, but it bears repeating. Marina Beach Motel is only 37 steps from the beach. That right there is the kind of convenience you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere in the country, let alone Santa Barbara. We feel like if you’re going to be a beach motel then you most certainly need to be right next to the beach. Other motels or even hotels might claim to be right near the beach when they’re actually a few blocks away.

Not only are we close to the beach, we close to just about everything in downtown Santa Barbara. This includes areas like the iconic Stearns Wharf and the lively State Street. So if you’re craving some incredible food (we recommend seafood), you’re never far enough away that you need to drive. Also, if you feel the urge to go shopping, simply walk out the door and stroll down to all the eclectic shops.


Being the best beach motel doesn’t only mean being close to the beach. If that was the case then we’d encourage people to start camping out on the beach. It’s also what we provide our guests that separates us from the pack.

Each guest is privy to our complimentary breakfast that includes fresh pastries from the local bakery to start your day off right. We also ensure that each guest has free WiFi and TVs in their room for their streaming needs.

Our favorite amenity is something we feel every guest should take advantage of. We offer everyone free bike rentals included in their stay. This allows you to roam the city freely, without the worries of finding parking or being stuck in traffic. Plus, having that ocean breeze blowing through your hair is another added bonus.

Customer Service

At Marina Beach Motel, we never feel like we need to brag, but we must say that our customer service is pretty awesome. And we’re not just saying that, our reviews speak for themselves. With over 500 tripadvisor reviews we’ve received our 4.5 out of 5 stars overall. That speaks volumes to our beach motel as a whole, but also to our staff specifically.

We ensure that each and every person working here is dedicated to their job and shows that through their diligent effort. We love pleasing each guest so that after they leave they immediately want to return.

So whatever reason you find yourself wanting to visit Santa Barbara, make sure to stay with us at Marina Beach Motel!