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Santa Barbara Rainy Day Activities

Santa Barbara is known for its beaches and sunshine, but what happens when it rains? If you get caught in Santa Barbara in the rain, don’t despair! There’s still plenty to do! Instead of checking out the beach, check out some of these Santa Barbara rainy day activities instead!

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Top 3 Best Santa Barbara Hiking Trails

When you think of Santa Barbara, you probably think of the beach and sunshine. While there’s plenty of that to go around, there’s also a lot of great Santa Barbara hiking trails. Check out our top 3 trails to stretch your legs and enjoy the breathtaking views of Santa Barbara.

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Santa Barbara Restaurant Spotlight: Chuck’s Waterfront Grill

Santa Barbara is home to many wonderful dining experiences. Chuck’s Waterfront Grill is one of those restaurants. With great food, a great environment, and amazing views of the Santa Barbara Harbor, it’s not a place to be missed on your next Santa Barbara trip.

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Best Santa Barbara Surf Spots

Santa Barbara is a wonderful place to surf. But if you don’t know where you’re going, you could end up an an expert-level location without the experience to surf it. Luckily, there are many Santa Barbara surf spots for every level of surfer. So don’t be afraid to get in the water and try it […]

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Top 3 Free Santa Barbara Christmas Activities

If you’re in Santa Barbara this holiday season, you might have noticed it’s not exactly the cold and snowy climate usually associated with the holidays. But fear not, you can still experience all the Santa Barbara Christmas fun while soaking up the beautiful California sunshine! And best of all, these activities are free.

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Top 5 Movie Locations in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara has many things to offer: beautiful beach views, exquisite dining, wine tasting, history, and so much more. It also is home to several popular filming locations for Hollywood movies. Take a tour through Santa Barbara’s silver screen history, and next time you’re in town you’ll feel like you’ve stepped onto set!

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Donate to Help California Wildfire Victims

Recently, swaths of Southern California have been engulfed in flames. Homes have been destroyed, leaving residents displaced. But the Golden State is determined to remain strong. If you’re interested in contributing to the cause and helping California wildfire victims, here is a list of organizations looking for donations and volunteers!

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How to Honor Our Veterans

In the United States freedom is fundamental. But how often do we truly take pause and acknowledge the brave men and women who help to preserve our liberty? This Sunday is Veterans Day, and its high time we stop and pay our respects. Here’s how you can honor veterans and give back to a community […]

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Halloween in Santa Barbara

The joy of Halloween is practically tangible. From jack-o-lanterns to haunted houses, the evening promises a series of thrills and chills. Wondering where can you join in on the spooktacular festivities? In Santa Barbara, the excitement takes place downtown.

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