Family-Friendly Santa Barbara – Fun for All Ages

We’re a family friendly motel!

We just want to see you and your crew have a great time. We’ve got some family friendly ideas for your next visit to Santa Barbara.

First, you need a game plan.

Depending on the age of your children (and your own endurance), everyone might be “done” with a given activity as quickly as five minutes. Or you could last for hours. It’s very different than when it’s just the two of you.

That said, you want to do things that aren’t too much of a commitment. You’ve got to think about cost and time investment — we get it. If you only make it for those five minutes, there’s no real loss, and you can move on to something else. Buy a slushy. Go swimming. Repeat.

Just kidding. Let’s start with an easy outing.

Check out the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

Children’s tickets are $7-8, and adults’ are $12. With many permanent and rotating exhibits of California culture, communities, history, and wildlife, there’s plenty to see (and touch).

There are a few other indoor (and pay-for-admission) activities we would suggest, too.

Or maybe something free is more your speed.

Lucky for you, this probably means hanging out in the great outdoors. You could always take advantage of our on-site amenities, like our pool, or take a seven-block walk to the actual beach! Maybe take a quick trip over to Stearns Wharf and visit with local vendors, food trucks, or just enjoy the walk. We even have a supply of bikes you can borrow to cruise around town! Just ask.

Breakfast first. Don’t forget your lunch break, snack break, and dinner.

It’s tempting to run to McDonald’s, but don’t give in. All ages can experience local culture and cuisine without giving up comfort food and a good deal. Not to mention: there are always options here for the picky eaters. So, we have a few restaurant and dining suggestions for whatever mood you’re in.

Breakfast? On the Alley. Lots of simple food and quick service. Burritos, veggie scrambles, and even French toast sticks.

Lunch? Get thee to Santa Barbara FisHouse. Or Sambo’s, a Santa Barbara diner-food tradition.

Ice cream? McConnell’s. Just do it. Banana & salted caramel or double peanut butter chip.

Dinner? Get the gang on board because we’re doing Mexican tonight. Head over to Los Agaves. Order whatever’s on special. And also the flan.

We hope this helps you out. What are your favorite family friendly stops in Santa Barbara?